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South Africas Bridging Finance Specialists

About us


Lambton Finance was founded in 1992 as a niche finance business to serve the bridging finance needs of the property market.

In April 2010, Lambton branched out into micro lending to offer companies financial aid for their employees. Our service allows employees in need of help, to move away from unscrupulous loan sharks that charge excessive interest rate and do not follow the laws as prescribed in the National Credit Act.

Lambton Finance is a registered with the National Credit Regulator and operates entirely under the National Credit Act. All charges and interest fall within the prescribed limits permissible by law.

We offer our services countrywide.

Mission Statement.

Lambton Finance’s mission is to develop into a significant role player in the niche market of staff loans and bridging finance in South Africa. We aim to constantly improve our systems and processes enabling us to offer a premium service, whilst continuing to be mindful of the rights of borrowers

What makes us different

  • Fast and Convenient
    We give employees a decision in a couple of hours and then pay the cash directly into their bank accounts within 24 hours.
  • 100% Transparent
    We will always show the total cost of repayment before you apply.
  • Responsible Lending
    We will not allow staff members to loan an amount we feel may put financial pressure on them or could expose them to potential future financial risk. We will never try sell, encourage or force anyone to borrow more than required.
  • Short Term
    Employees will always be encouraged to settle their debt quickly. We do not charge early settlement fees and there are no catches.
  • Fair
    We abide by both the spirit and the word of the National Credit Act.
  • Responsive
    We are easily contactable by phone, fax or email during business hours and your staff will receive a satisfactory response to your query within 24 hours.

What can BF be used for

  • √  To obtain cash for a deposit on a new home
  • √  To pay outstanding rates and taxes on the home you have sold
  • √  To pay transfer duties on a new home
  • √  To free up cash for starting or buying a new business
  • √  For advances on estate agency commissions
  • √  For advances on 2nd and 3rd mortgage bonds
  • √  To settle existing debts sooner rather than later
  • √  Absolutely anything you wish :-)